Happy Holidays!

large-1There are so many things to do these days and the best is, you can do things that make you happy. There are so many movies to watch, gifts to wrap, dishes to cook, books to read, people to surprise and places to go. I might won’t do all of these things, but I would try to do as much as I can. So this December posts are even less than usual and I am so sorry about that, but I am trying and I will keep trying. 

larg11eSo, I have some amazing news for you, guys. I am going to visit a couple of friends in London next week and I am very excited about it. There are so many things I want to do and places I want to go and I really wish that we can afford all of it.

I have also news about Oriflame. There are some changes for the new year and also now there are so many things, so many catalogues and offers. You should check them all in my page Oriflame Bulgaria“.

Sabrina Carpender -Silver Nights(the irony is that I’ be picked up a gold color)

season4For more Christmas inspiration go through my pages “Music” and “Movies“. Also I want to thank to all of you, who were with me through the year and made my blogging worth it. Big thanks to all the fans of the TV shows, keep following and write me, if you want to share something.2e 

So, now I am going to start wrapping my gifts and watch Christmas themed movies and listen to music and eat as much as I can. 😀 I wish you  magical, full of joy and special moments  night, week and a beginning of the new 2017.

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Holidays Are Coming!

larg11eSo excited about Christmas and everything. I already feel the spirit in my veins and can’t wait December to come.

Yesterday was Black Friday in Bulgaria and I couldn’t buy anything because I was in the university all day, but luckily in Oriflame there are some discounts for the consultants. Also have you checked the Catalogue 16, because it gives  even more Christmas mood and of course so many great gifts you can give to your beloved ones. I’ve already bought the needed stuff, but maybe I would buy more, because I can’t resist. 


And I want to tell to the all Soy Luna fans that I am grateful that you read my posts and I am going to post even more. And I am thankful to all of the people who read my blog. You make it worthy! ❤

Also have you watched the Marvel’s movie Doctor Strange, because it is amazing.

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The Cozy Side Of November!

Desktop21.jpgLeaves are falling down. Yellow, orange, red and brown colors are slowly flying around, dancing and touching the ground.

I know it may be stupid, but this is something little I made up in like 2 minutes and I really liked. I mean it describes something ordinary as something beautiful. This is really magical time, there is something in the air. I love that cozy moment in front of the TV or computer with a hot chocolate or tea in my hands and something good to watch. Or being with friends playing board or computer games, having fun and talking for hours. I don’t want to talk about the bad stuff that happen in the autumn, not because they don’t, but because I want all to have positive feelings for all seasons.


While outside is rainy and windy, inside I read a book and go through Oriflame ‘s catalogue, because in this way I stay at home choosing the things I want and they bring them to me after a few days. It keeps the atmosphere  warm. Check my page “Oriflame Bulgaria“for more and more things you can buy not only for yourself, but everyone you want to, because there they are the Holidays.

I am so excited about all the shows that are now on! This may be the best time of the year to stay home and watch and watch! For more information go to “TV series 2016“.

The new album of Sabrina Carpenter is so cool! Check some of the songs in my “Music- 2016” page.

Also Happy Anniversary to me! I have been blogging for 4 years and I am happy about that! You guys are amazing! I made my goal for this year because of you. I wanted to excelled my previous years’ statistics and I actually did with so much and it is not even the end of the year. Thank to all of you! I will try my best to not disappoint you and update as much as I can. And also thank to all the “Soy Luna” fans, because they are so many and every time I see some I get really happy that they like what I’ve been posting.

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It smells like Halloween!

lagsrrgeIt may be cold, but there is something magical in the air. I mean the colors, the people, even the music. I can’t wait to see the new shows. I feel excitement. Even though I don’t get to be prepared for Halloween like years ago, I still feel kind of excited. I mean the scary movies, the decorations, the people in costumes and the mood… I love it so much! Oh and don’t forget the food. Everybody loves it!

The music makes me feel like something is going to happen. It has a special meaning and it is perfect for fall. I just sometimes feel it with all of my self. Check my page “Music- 2016” to see what I am talking about.

Also there will be more movies in my page “Movies-2016“. And this one is perfect for this time of the year:

I can’t wait to watch so many movies and shows. I have so much to do and to study and I don’t think I have enough time for all of it. I want to spend some time in my blog too, but I actually can afford it only in the weekends  and for that I’m sorry.

the-vampire-diaries-season-8-posterThe most important our favorite shows are premiering this month and I will draw a little more attention to ” The Vampire Diaries-season 8“, because this is it.

So I hope you’ll keep following and reading my posts. Sorry for not having much time and I’ ll try better.


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Oriflame In The Autumn!

14322551_1432820280067399_8926606691933991420_nI found a site called  Showaround. It is interesting site, which allows you to meet travelers around the world and show them around your city. And actually if you want you can earn money from that.( I give you a link to my profile if you wold like to visit Bulgaria and most specially Sofia, from where I actually am. I know my profile photos are awful, but I don’t have anything better.)


14463215_1453446681338092_5789285027021708386_nAlso you have one week to buy whatever you like from Oriflame, or to become a consultant and get the amazing gifts from the campaign.

Ruelle Until We Go Down


P.S. Check my pages for new stuff and soon there will be more new “Movies” in my list and “Music” in my playlist.

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Thank You!

desktop20“Hello, I love you. Come be a part of our family. Thank you and Goodbye.”- Julie Plec about “The Vampire Diaries season 8“. I don’t know how to feel. When I watched the Goodbye promo I started crying. These people gave us so much. I remember how I started watching the show, how much it helped dealing life, made me laugh, made me cry, happy, gave me hopes. This show became part of our lives and now when our beloved story is about to get told we have  be happy that we got to know it and about the things we learned and lived through and to take it as a chance to start living the way we want to. And don’t feel down we have season 8,right?


Actually we have not only season 8, but other cool shows to watch. Watch out for more updates on my pages in TV series.picture1






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Autumn is here!

Summer is over. This time of the year is more like a beginning for me,than an ending. I’ll have to start doing some “different from what I’m used to” things. It’s scaring and exciting and happy.

  Also this time of the year is my favorite TV time, because of the new series. I love that CW presents new shows, and now when I spend so much time watching Disney Chanel, I’m happy that there are new series from shows I watch. I can’t believe I’m watching “Soy Luna” . I’m really into it. Also I had some time and decided to watch “Defying Gravity“,  “Containment” and “The Legend Of The Seeker“. Three really good shows and that is not the only thing that they have in common. The other thing is that they all have the same ending, and by ending I mean cancellation. Yep, they are cancelled. This upsets me and maybe not only me. Desktop19.jpg

P.S. keep following my pages, because there are some new stuff in there and there will be more soon. ❤

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