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Love, Rosie!

This movie I recommend to every single one of you who is into awkward-comedy-drama-romantic movies. It has a bit of everything and it can make you think a lot about life. Check Lilly Collins others movies

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Damn it that song. It’s epic.The original too. And some others like Sweet Ophelia(trap version). Btw do you know it’s in the soundtrack of “The Vampire Diaries” (the scene where I found it).

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Happy New Year!


   I’m sorry that I didn’t have much time posting during the holidays and I’ll try my best spending more time blogging.
   I want to wish you Merry Christmas and to all of you to have one really amazing beautiful, happy, filled with priceless moments year! This year fo the things you are afraid of: tell your crush about your feelings, do a roadtrip, participate in competitions, find new firends, do weird things,because life is to short to be afraid of doing the things we want the most :) . Happy New Year! ^^ <3

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Tomorrow is December!!

   These are some pictures I found in weheartit and I thought they are so getting me into the Christmas mood. One more month and here comes 2015. This is the most happy, cozy, colorful and cheerful  month of the year. When it gets cold outside  and starts snowing you can’t wait till Christmas. And all these posts and pictures confirm it.

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Dancing With The Stars!!

  OK now  we can say that have little obsession.

    Firstly I want to say that I’m soooo happy that Bethany is in the show. I can tell that she was the reason to start watching it. I really like her and Derek as a dance couple, they are so cute ^_^ .

    I think that this year the show is so interesting and I already have favorites. Of course Bethany is one of them :D . So I really like Janel and Val, their dances are so energetic and so cool. I watched Val dancing with Zendaya few seasons ago and I was amazed. And we can not for get about Sadie and Mark. They both are so cute and good. That girl has really long legs, I understand why she is a model :D .

Of course we can not forget the week when Derek and Mark switched and they were all having fun and being jelous of each other. I liked the part when Bruno told them that they should form a band  I’m on the same opinion as him. And I thought it was so sweet when Val got jelous of Janel. I think they shoud give it a try.

   And I almost forgot about the Halloween group dance competition they had. I really liked both of the teams but ” Itsy Bitsy” won me with the song and the dance. And Michael was so nervous about it..

P.S. I think this is how our Anna(The Vampire Diaries) is spending her time in the other side. Good job i like it ;) :D

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Happy BirthDay Beth!


Happy Birthday from Bulgaria to our sweet and inspiring Bethany Mota!

    I wish her luck in the “Dancing With The Stars” and in life^^. Don’t forget to vote for her :).

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