Next week is CW week!

 It’s almost October and most of our favorite TV-shows start next week! I can’t wait to see my favorite famous actors doing the thing they are best-making my alternative world that everything is possible.

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The Vampire Diaries!

  So Octomber 2th is so close and so far that I can’t wait anymore. Seriously! I’m So sad about Elena and Jeremy, shocked by Stefan ( I thought  he was going to hook up with Carloline even if I don’t appreciate that..)and  happy to see Caroline and Alaric. But also I’m interested what’s gong on with Mystic Falls I mean what else can the producers, Julie Plec and L.J.Smith can occur,what comes to their mind…hmm. Weird people, I’m glaad they are what they are.

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  So months ago I saw pictures (cut scenes) in WeHeartIt and I’ve got interested in the movie and watched the trailer and it was amazing but the movie wasn’t on screens then so I couldn’t watch it and I had to wait and I guess I waited too much seeing it. Actually I’m very upset that I’ve seen it just now.
   At first I didn’t expect the actress -Shailene Woodley (in who everyone is in love because of the movie “The Fault In Our Stars”, which I also haven’t watched yet ) to be that good and Theo James to be so damn hot.. But I liked the movie, the pilot, the story, how it’s told and I’m impressed. I hope you like/ed it to.
P.S. Soon in my “Movie” page I’m going to make other pages with my favorite movies(trailers,actors,facts,videos,photos,soundtracks and etc).

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Christina Grimmie!

So maybe you know her from youtube as zeldaxlove64 but maybe you know her as Christina Grimmie from The Voice (season 6). I actually knew her by  both at the same time. I was listening to “Just A Dream” cover with Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider and earlier that week I watched videos with Christina Grimmie and just realised that the girl in the cover sounds like the girl on “The Voice” and when something made me look at the name i was so astonished.

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I love them, especially if they are from important for me person. ^_^

IMG_20140819_134457 IMG_20140819_140028

As I promised. Last year I got a beautiful bouquet from the same person and this year the bouquet is bigger and more beautiful. :)

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I’m posting more trailers and interviews from “The Vampire Diaries”, “The Originals” casts and others.

P.S. I’m so excided about all of the new seasons.

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The X Album!

I swear this album is his best. I love Ed Sheeran. He is briliant and the songs in this album are perfect. I also love because of that his songs are in the soundtrack of my still favourite TV show “The Vampire Diaries” ( I hope that songs of this album appear in the new series ^ ^ ). Also I’m a big fan of the song “Give Me Love”,which also appears in the show.

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